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A better cup that's better for the environment.

HOT coffee +

COOL cup =


Why Grooved Cups?

 We won't give you a good reason to change cups...we'll give you 6. 

Groove Cups aren't just made in the USA. they are proudly made in Dallas. Texas! US Production means quick turnarounds and unparalleled customer service! 

Finally the hot dog-to-bun dilemma has been solved. Our Groove cup is designed to insulate so no sleeve needed. No more attempting to match order quantities. No more sunk costs or wasted printing. 

We offer order quantities tailor-made for independent customers. Our minimum order is 10.000 cups (20cs) per size. but with our large production capacity. we can handle any size while maintaining very personal connections to our customers. 

Not to totally geek out on printing here. but the print quality of our Groove Cups is unequaled and unrivaled. From minimalist logo-centric designs to the elaborate this-cup-is-my-canvas approach. we've got you covered. 

Forget the forgettable two-inch. one-color print sleeves. With Groove Cups. you can be as colorful as you choose to be and cover the entire surface of the cup. We print as many colors as your heart desires for no added cost. 

Last. but not least. our Groove Cups are Eco-Friendly! Made in a zero waste facility (we recycle 100% of our production scrap). The cups are printed with water based inks. the groove layer is has recycled content. our glues are water based. our cups are Recyclable and FDA compliant and since ifs all done in one place. there is all types of energy savings and a reduction in carbon footprint. 


ECO-Friendly Advantages of Grooved Cups


One piece cup rather than a cup & sleeve reduces production & shipping waste


Our ink is water and soy based and our glue is water based for

minimal carbon footprint


Our paper hot cups are 100% recycleable


Scrap is seperated and repurposed in collaboration with International Paper


Outer layer is made from at least 10% recycled content


No additional resources lost or pollution incurred in shipping from overseas